Join Ravi Raman as he explores the best insights for advancing your career, growing your business and living a healthy, productive and motivated life. Ravi Raman is a 14-year veteran and former leader at Microsoft and is now an Executive and Career Coach for high performers at leading companies and emerging startups. He has worked with clients at leading companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, DropBox and more.

#9 – Jim Posner: A Journey From Wall Street Trader to Mindfulness Teacher [Podcast] March 5, 2018

Jim Posner, Wall Street Trader turned Mindfulness Meditation Teacher joins me to discuss the value of meditation and his journey from a life of anxiety and stress to one of wellness and contribution. We speak about the benefits of meditation. We also go into his decision to transition from a… Read more

Patrick McKeown
#8 – Patrick McKeown: How Optimal Breathing Can Change Your Life [Podcast] January 8, 2018

This podcast features an Interview with Patrick McKeown, a leading expert on the art and science of optimal breathing. Patrick is also the author of a new book: “The Oxygen Advantage.” Read more

#7 – Sherpa John Lacroix: Running For My Life [Podcast] December 18, 2017

Today’s podcast features an Interview with Sherpa John Lacroix, a fixture of the Colorado ultramarathon running scene and founder of Human Potential Running. Not only does Sherpa John organize some of the most scenic (and toughest) trail races around, he is also an accomplished ultramarathon runner himself. He’s finished 200-mile… Read more

#6 – Matt Frazier: Leaving My Ph.D. To Start A Business And Build A Community [Podcast] December 11, 2017

In today’s podcast, I bring you, Matt Frazier. Matt is the founder of No Meat Athlete, a thriving community of plant-based health and fitness members. Matt also happens to be a coaching client, and we have worked together throughout the past year to help Matt be his best self, and bring… Read more

#5 – Doug Cunnington: Finding Success Online Building Niche Websites [Podcast] December 2, 2017

A conversation with Doug Cunnington. Doug decided to respond to a layoff from a well-paying job as an IT Project Manager by creating his luck and building an online business. To boot, he relocated to Bozeman, Montana to live a lifestyle more in tune with what he and his wife enjoy. Doug’s… Read more

#4 – Andrew Hogan: The Path of Effortless Success [Podcast] December 2, 2017

A conversation with Andrew Hogan. Andrew has been a coach for leaders and entrepreneurs for over 25 years. We discuss what it takes to achieve goals and succeed at work and in business. Specifically, does working hard really work? Is there another way to get results and make progress? Andrew… Read more

#3 – What I’ve Learned In Three Years of Entrepreneurship [Podcast] December 2, 2017

The top lessons I’ve learned in the almost three years I’ve been in business as an entrepreneur. While I’m incredibly happy with where things are at and how life is progressing, things have not gone as planned! If you are contemplating leaving a corporate job to start a business –… Read more

#2 – Why I Quit My Six-Figure Job To Travel The World [Podcast] December 2, 2017

Should you quit your job to travel the world? I did. I left my job – and a very well paying job at that – in late 2013 to travel the world. In today’s podcast, I’m sharing my experience, in the hope that it helps other listeners who are going… Read more

#1 – Welcome to the Motivated Life [Podcast] December 2, 2017

Welcome to Motivated Life, I’m Ravi Raman. On this podcast I’ll be sharing ideas and insights for advancing your career, growing your business and in general, living a great life. We can learn a lot from the paths others have taken to create a great life, and that’s the premise behind… Read more