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{I believe every start-up founder benefits from the guidance of a great coach and Ravi was that for me. He helped me help myself by up-leveling the quality of my thinking and building trust in my ability to spot the signal in the noise.
James Sheppard
CEO + Founder, Former VP at Salesforce.com
{Working with Ravi was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I came to him looking for industry tips and PM best practices. Instead, I received an education into what makes us human!
Ahmad Zahran
Lead Product Manager, Meta
{Ravi is a compassionate coach who weaves elements of philosophy and spirituality into his coaching methodology to help you manage life situations, not just work, and do so at a much deeper and more sustainable level than you ever thought possible.
Meha Varier
Vice President of Marketing, Nulogy
{Ravi helped me learn how to better discern between noise and signal, which enabled me to focus on the things that are most constructive and productive in my personal and professional life!
Anders Schwartz
Engineering Manager, Kurtosis Technologies
{Ravi is an exceptional coach who worked with me during a tumultuous pandemic year. His holistic approach helped me operate from a place of insight and trust, rather than reactivity. I highly recommend Ravi as a coach for both middle management and senior executives.
Amirtha R.
Director of Product, Medium.com

Do you want to succeed at work, with less effort and none of the stress?

I want you to do me a quick little favor.

Just imagine going to work in the morning, like you always do. Your coffee is warm, the day is fresh and the sun is shining.

But the difference is… you’re actually enjoying all of it!

Because you’re not just the busy little worker bee doing all the work you hate, dreaming of a promotion you know you deserve. You’re actually at the top of your career, doing work you love and enjoying the process!

You get to do the projects you want, without all the busy work that gets you nowhere. You get the freedom of being a top-level contributor. And you finally get the recognition and compensation you deserve for those long days you’ve put in at the bottom of your career ladder.

I’m here to show you how to make all of it possible.


Hard work doesn’t always pay off. Sometimes, it just gets you stuck.


It turns out that working hard didn’t really get me ahead.

For the longest time, I was toiling away on virtually any project that came my way… instead of focusing on the work I really wanted to do. And because I was always busy doing stuff that didn’t really excite me, I was getting burned out.

More importantly, my talents and passions were going to waste.

Maybe you know what it was like.

Do you ever feel

  • Stressed out, burned out, and exhausted from all the different tasks you’ve been taking on…while other people are getting the promotions that you deserve?
  • Trapped at the bottom of the corporate ladder, even though you used to get one promotion after another?
  • Underpaid for the hours and effort you put in?
  • Unsure about what exactly is holding you back, but knowing very well that you are stuck where you are?
  • Deeply disappointed by the “dream job” you landed… that ended up being a torture device of hard work that never pays off?
  • Wondering what’s possible for the next “act” of your career? 

I’ve been there, too….stuck and wondering what to do. 

Guess what, you don’t need to be stuck like I was!

…all you need is a bit of knowledge and a few insights to get started.

Luckily, I figured out how to transform my career from a never-ending treadmill to daily opportunities to do things I loved to do. Over the course of 14 years working at a fast-paced software company, I was promoted ten times, to Director-level positions.

Along the way, I learned to enjoy the process and trust insight and wisdom to guide me along….including when it was time to totally change my career and lifestyle!

Now, as an Executive Career Coach, I dedicate my work to helping technology professionals and leaders get unstuck and succeed in their careers, with less effort and none of the stress.

Yes, it’s possible to thrive at work without suffering your success.

Wondering how I can help you?

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All my best,

Ravi Raman
Executive Career Coach