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Ravi Raman, Executive Career Coach for technology leaders and high performers. Committed to unlocking higher performance and wellness in your career.

I’m Ravi Raman

Hi, I’m Ravi. I’m an Executive Career Coach. Before that, I spent 14 years leading product and business teams at Microsoft, Corporation in Redmond, Washington. If curious, learn more about my background on LinkedIn.

Work was great, for a while. Eventually, I knew I needed to pursue a different path. The path was uncertain and scary. My friends and family called me crazy. I was leaving a job with a hefty salary to chase what seemed like a dream at the time.

After going on a sabbatical, and spending over a year backpacking the world with my wife, I came to realize my mission. I also discovered the courage to pursue it!

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I help technology professionals:

Find and land their ideal job

Make the leap from good to great in their work

Achieve bigger results with less effort and time

Rekindle their interest and passion for their work

Grow their teams, as they grow themselves

Grow their business by working smarter, not harder

The world needs leadership. You need a way to be your best with less effort. I can help.