Nothing makes me happier than celebrating the success clients have created through the coaching process. 

{Working with Ravi helped me uncover the power of my own wisdom and intuition in all aspects of life – personal, professional and others. His teaching philosophy is based on showing you how to fish rather than giving you fish which sets you up for resilience and self-reliance.
Tishya Khanna
Director of Partner Management, Big ID
{It’s so easy to get caught up in a competitive work culture that we forget what really matters at the end of the day. Working with Ravi helped me find that focus and continue to hone that discipline even when I slip up. It’s this focus that I found refreshing in Ravi’s coaching. I think it’s no coincidence that since I’ve worked with Ravi, I am happier with where I am in life than ever before. Not only do I love my current career path and have been promoted multiple times in a short time frame, but I also have done it with a fraction of the stress I experienced in my previous role. I’m grateful to realize early on in my career that success does not have to come at the expense of health and other joys in life.
Estella Gong
Solutions Consultant, ServiceNow
{My time working with Ravi helped me grow a lot in my professional maturity. Ravi doesn’t just give you an answer to your questions. He helps you understand your goals, motivations, and how you can make good decisions to achieve your career goals. Most importantly, he provides you with the toolkit to be able to answer those questions yourself and keep on growing. Would I recommend Ravi to my friends? Totally!
Irene Ang
Product Manager, Google
{Ravi has helped me uncover many barriers that have impinged my growth. He’s a great listener and attuned to specific client needs. How I perceive myself and my work is much clearer thanks to Ravi’s ability to help me differentiate my view from “reality” and identify what's getting in the way of being my best. I’d highly recommend coaching with Ravi for anyone looking to grow and transcend their previous selves!
Rafael Balbi
Director of Product Management, Vimeo
{Before I met Ravi, I felt I was hitting a plateau at my job. The harder I worked, the more stressed and stuck I became. Ravi helped me develop a better perspective for handling career stress and showed me how to bring a calm and level head to whatever room I walk into. I’m a happier and more effective leader as a result.
Michael Koeneke
Senior Product Manager, Code Climate
{Coaching with Ravi I “learned how to learn about myself.” Ravi introduced me to methods that worked. What Ravi did exceptionally well was to simplify the first step to start a new a new habit, making things much easier to start.
Abid Saifee
Sr. Director of Product Management, Ecomedes
{Ravi is a compassionate coach who weaves elements of philosophy and spirituality into his coaching methodology to help you manage life situations, not just work, and do so at a much deeper and more sustainable level than you ever thought possible.
Meha Varier
Vice President of Marketing, Nulogy
{Ravi has had a profound impact on my leadership journey.He has a holistic approach to coaching with less focus on tactics and frameworks. Instead, Ravi helped me realize that I always have access to a deeper part of myself, like an inner compass, that always knows what I need and what to do next. Coaching with Ravi, I learned that by learning to hear, trust, and embrace the wisdom that lives within myself, I can confidently navigate any challenge I face in life and work.
Suneeta Bindal
Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft
{A good friend, a software company executive, referred me to Ravi. Before meeting him, I had thought of coaching in a very tactical way – perhaps to deal with specific situations or to take advantage of specific opportunities. Working with Ravi has been much more beneficial – he focuses on my inner strength and skillfully brings in mindfulness to bear on difficult situations. I developed a new element of my leadership. It’s clear he is dedicated to his client’s success and offers his time and support regardless of whether you’re still working with him – in a way, he has become a trusted friend. Thanks Ravi!
General Manager
{Ravi helped me learn how to better discern between noise and signal, which enabled me to focus on the things that are most constructive and productive in my personal and professional life!
Anders Schwartz
Engineering Manager, Kurtosis Technologies
{Ravi was instrumental in helping me make one of the boldest decisions of my life. He offers really helpful insights and perspectives that I find especially credible because he sets the example himself. It has been my good fortune to have him as my coach.
Peter Haldeman
Marketing Leader, Ex-Adobe, Xerox
{Before working with Ravi, I felt stuck in my career. Through the coaching process, Ravi brought a variety of insights to our conversations regarding how to perform at one’s best. As a result, I observed a significant change in my attitude at work and find myself less stressed than ever before. I strongly recommend Ravi as a coach!
R. Sripada
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
{I truly enjoyed my time working with Ravi as my coach. He is an outstanding listener, and especially skilled at pointing his clients back to their inner intelligence and natural capabilities!
Technology Solutions Engineering Leader
{Ravi provided excellent coaching and instilled an exponential function change in my thinking and day-day operations at work. Ravi's feedback is simple and practical, yet, it comes from deep introspection and years of experience in his career. In addition, he helped me see that a simple change in mindset can unlock tremendous potential and happiness at work. I wholeheartedly support Ravi's coaching and encourage even seasoned professionals to do it!
Ujjwal Gupta
CPU Architect, Intel
{Coaching with Ravi I learned how to better manage my negative thinking, how to take care of myself and how to take risks. Most importantly, I rediscovered my confidence.
Ali Mammujee
Global Head of Product, Mercatus
{Working with Ravi helped me make some tough decisions. I had heard that one should listen to their inner voice but didn’t know what it means or how to do it. Coaching with Ravi was all about that. I felt working with him; I found my spark. It helped me realign my life in a new direction. I highly recommend him as a coach.
Software Engineer
{Working with Ravi unlocked my ability to see that the solution to the big, dark unknowns I saw wherever I looked was always available to me, inside of me. I learned to see that I’m already doing amazing things, many of which were things I thought were out of reach or required some magical incantation from the Book of Executive Coaching. Since working with Ravi, I have a much higher level of confidence in my abilities as a manager, the various crises inherent in managing a software delivery team aren’t so scary any more, and, oh yeah, I also got a promotion.
David Oliver
Engineering Manager, PayPal
{Who needs a coach? This was my first consideration before I reached out to Ravi. As I thought more about it I realized that just like anything else, a career can benefit by further polishing, reflecting and clarifying thinking. We hardly ever get a chance to take a fresh look at what’s working and what’s not, and how to shake things up to make a big change. I feel great that I went on this coaching journey with Ravi. I am happy to say that my mind was opened in so many ways. I look forward to taking my new insights and leveraging them in doing even more meaningful and smart work!
Prashant Mishra
Senior Program Manager, Vetsource
{Since I started working with Ravi, I’ve had the most productive time in my career so far while working the fewest number of hours I’ve ever worked. The most amazing thing about it is that it didn’t happen through a few tricks or a series of habits he taught me. Instead, it came from guided introspection, which led to a better understanding of myself, my job, what it means to me, and how/why I make decisions the way I do.
Anukul Veeraraghavan
Director of Engineering, Picket Homes
{Ravi is an exceptional coach who worked with me during a tumultuous pandemic year. His holistic approach helped me operate from a place of insight and trust, rather than reactivity. I highly recommend Ravi as a coach for both middle management and senior executives.
Amirtha R.
Director of Product,
{Ravi helped me develop focus and deepen my ability to be present and listen, regardless of circumstances. This has helped me work more efficiently with far more clear and impactful decisions. He also helped me discover and trust in my innate talents and capabilities to succeed at work and thrive in life.
Engineering Manager
{When I came to Ravi, I was unsatisfied in my career and looking for a change. However, I didn’t know exactly what my next step should be. Ravi helped guide me during this challenging time by encouraging me to listen to my inner voice, gave me the confidence to know that the right next step would come from within when I was ready and by serving as a sounding board to new ideas and directions. His previous background as a technology leader helped him understand my context and career landscape. I would love to work with him again.
Ex-Product Manager @ Meta, Amazon, Microsoft
{“Luminous beings we are…not this crude matter” ~ Yoda …this sums up my experience working with Ravi! Our focus on trusting insight and connecting with inner wisdom was something that resonated strongly with me. Through the coaching process, I become even more self-aware and far more reliant on my intuition. The entire experience was enjoyable and highly impactful.
Ashok Menon
Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur
{Ravi is an excellent coach who has depth in areas that the traditional go-getter line of coaches lack – empathy, intuition, creativity, and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the human mind. He helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own pitfalls, ability to reconcile my career trepidations, and reminded me of the incredible potential that comes from a place of peace and stillness.
Business Solutions Architect
{Working with Ravi was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I came to him looking for industry tips and PM best practices. Instead, I received an education into what makes us human!
Ahmad Zahran
Lead Product Manager, Meta
{Ravi is an insightful coach whose background as an accomplished technology professional and multi-faceted leader enables him to add value for his clients in many ways. He brings tremendous energy and unconventional wisdom to conversations, allowing one to reach one’s true potential. An exceptional guide who is not only structured but also cares for people.
Jatin Tuteja
Pricing and Finance Manager,, Dell Technologies
{Working with Ravi has changed my leadership approach. I am more objective with myself. Before, my habit was creating a distorted image of myself, making my development more difficult. Ravi gave me a way of thinking that has ultimately helped me be more objective. He also helped me understand what it means to be present and how it is a bridge to some of my specific professional goals. Our conversations were indispensable and will serve me well as I continue my leadership journey.
Hostos Monegro
Director of Product Management, Leaflink
{Working with Ravi was a dramatic help in my ability to understand and navigate the discussions that surround the business of building software. After about a decade as a software engineer, I became interested in engineering management. Ravi was able to help with concrete communication and presentation skills, but the more abstract empathy and vision needed for effective leadership were the true rewards of our work together. We worked together for two years, and I’m confident that the exploration we did during that time will serve me well for many years to come.
Engineering Manager
{Working with Ravi provided the best broadening experience of my career. Professionally I’m able to handle more complex situations with ease, and feel less stress overall.
Waymo, an Alphabet Company
{I hired Ravi to help me grow as a professional and coach me as I transitioned into a leadership role. Ravi has been an incredible coach to me. He has helped me learn so much about myself, and I am pleased to say that not only have I become a better professional, but thanks to him, I have also learned to lead a more fulfilling life.
Madhu Jagganathan
Chief Financial Officer, LOB
{I reached out to Ravi initially to help me advance in my career and get promoted. Not only did I get promoted, but I also learned valuable lessons and principles on how to be my own coach and how to coach others. We learned some deep truths that not only improved my work life, but all aspects of my life as well. We got results, but most importantly, I also became a much better partner, daughter, sister, leader, friend, and professional. Thank you, Ravi!
Frances Advincula
Group Product Manager, OpenTable
{I had a wonderful coaching relationship with Ravi. He helped me build a strong foundation for my career and my life!
Krishna Natarajan
Software Engineer, Meta
{Ravi is an excellent coach. I had a chance to work with him while transitioning to a leadership role. His coaching helped me stay focused and get the results I wanted in my first 90 days. I’d recommend any leader in transition to consider working with Ravi as their executive coach.
Executive Director - Partnerships, GE
{As an ex-Google Product Manager and startup founder, I highly recommend Ravi as a coach for tech leaders. His deep knowledge and experience on how the mind works helped me stay grounded and come up with world class insights when it really mattered. Ravi’s wisdom, experience, deep presence in every meeting and coaching skills made our time together well worth the investment of time and money.
Startup Founder
{All of my life, I thought there was a right way to act, and a wrong way, and I very much relied on self-help books as well as articles and other external resources to dictate my approach. It wasn’t until I started working with Ravi that I fully understood the value of operating from the inside-out and learning to not only trust my instincts and my gut feelings above all else but also to trust a greater force out there that ultimately takes care of all events in a way that can’t be forced. With Ravi’s help, I was able to: – excel at my new job and exceed my goals every single month, start launching my side business, get transitioned to a fully remote role (which was my absolute priority), and am now in the process of buying a house (which was on my wishlist). 10/10 recommend working with Ravi!
Valentina Alessi
Product Insights, Wix
{Working with Ravi helped me achieve a new state of mind where I can do more with less stress and energy. In our sessions, I learned to embrace the everyday uncertainty in my life to solve problems much more efficiently.
Augusto Becciu
Senior Engineering Manager, Shopify
{Prior to working with Ravi, I had been working in tech for 3 years. However, I felt stuck and unsure of how to make progress in my career. After coaching with Ravi, I learned how to better deal with uncertainty and be OK with NOT bulldozing my problems!
Pre-Sales Engineer, Growth Startup
{I believe every start-up founder benefits from the guidance of a great coach and Ravi was that for me. He helped me help myself by up-leveling the quality of my thinking and building trust in my ability to spot the signal in the noise.
James Sheppard
CEO + Founder, Former VP at
{I had the pleasure of working with Ravi for about six months. His interest in getting you to that next level knows no bounds. He genuinely cares about his clients’ progress. Ravi structures a meaningful program based on your specific needs, unlike some programs with a cookie-cutter approach. We’re never indeed done with becoming the best versions of ourselves, professionally and personally. Working with Ravi awakens you to the possibility that you could be operating at a higher and happier level. At the very least, you’ll walk away with some strong points of view on what makes you happy professionally. I’d wager you’ll walk away with much more, though.
Arvind Mishra
VP of Product Management, Dollar Shave Company
{Working with Ravi helped me achieve a sense of calm, balance, and clarity to deal with anxiety-ridden situations such as navigating career growth in a new life stage as a mom, managing volatile workplaces, and transitioning to a new role at a new company. Throughout the coaching process, I felt highly supported which is crucial when dealing with a lot of change.
Senior Product Manager
{The coaching journey with Ravi was fun, easy, and impactful; it also didn’t take too much time! Through it, I have become much more confident and effective in my work as a Product Manager and Engineering Leader. I learned to fully realize my inner strength and wisdom and trust those capacities at work and in my everyday life!
Rich Yin
Senior Engineering Manager, Amazon