Patrick McKeown: How Optimal Breathing Can Change Your Life [Podcast Ep. #8]

January 8, 2018

by Ravi Raman

Today’s podcast features an Interview with Patrick McKeown, a leading expert on the art and science of optimal breathing. Patrick is also the author of a new book: “The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • How shutting your mouth can change your life! (literally)
  • Why people habitually mouth-breath and how it limits our quality of life
  • The link between nose-breathing and diet, sleep patterns and mental focus

…and much more!

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Connect with Patrick and learn more about his Oxygen Advantage movement:

Also, check out Patrick’s definitive guide to breathing well “The Oxygen Advantage.”

On a related note, here is a link to a blog post I wrote long ago on the topic of optimal breathing. The approach is in line with what we discuss on this podcast. In fact, you will notice a comment from Patrick on this article (in the comments section).

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