Jeff Kinsey on Finding Your Path in Life and Leadership [Podcast Ep. #21]

Written by Ravi Raman

August 18, 2020

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Jeff Kinsey joins me on the podcast to explore the insights that led to a radical lifestyle and career transformation. We also dive deep into his unique way of helping leaders and teams be more human as a coach and organizational consultant. A former banker, Jeff discovered that there was a different way to live, and followed insight and wisdom in moving with his family to the mountains of Colorado. His current vocation soon emerged, serving clients through his company, The Logos Group.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What being stuck in a snowstorm at 13,000 feet taught Jeff about dealing with challenges.
  • How the mind works and it’s our natural capacity to find peace and calm.
  • Finding direction and solving problems through wisdom and insight.
  • Jeff’s motivation for taking the road less traveled, and reimagining life and work.
  • The single master skill every leader needs to cultivate.
  • Why suffering is optional when it comes to doing great work.

…and much more!

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Connect with Jeff:

Follow Jeff on LinkedIn.

The Logos Group.

Jeff’s blog.

Mentioned during our conversation:

A Tale of Adventure Survival [and Leadership Lessons Learned]

Mt of the Holy Cross

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  1. Peter Haldeman

    This was an insightful discussion, I enjoyed this a lot. I can relate to Jeff’s journey and the realizations that led him to make a pivot in his life and career. Thanks for the podcast!

    • Ravi Raman

      Glad you enjoyed it Peter! I’m always interested in hearing about what sparked someone’s decision to make a major career pivot.


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