Hard Work Is Overrated

March 16, 2016

by Ravi Raman

Hard work can pay off for a time. Eventually, however, hard work will just get you stuck and keep you there.

I’ve noticed more and more people in the interwebs talking about the merits of hard work. Just a few years ago, it seems like everyone was talking about how to #hack your way to success by working less. Tim Ferris’s “The Four Hour” empire ushered in the era of optimal minimalism in all areas, especially with regards to work and health.

Now, I’m noticing more and more blogs and posts by people I follow espousing the merits of hard work. Perhaps it’s to be expected that the pendulum would swing back the other way.

As far as I’m concerned, hard work is overrated. Sure, some people slack off and act entitled. They expect to earn five (or six!) figures per month based on their sheer desire with no plan, poorly developed skills and zero work ethic. For those folks, the “hard work” message is vital. However, I’m not one of those people. Neither are most of my peers and friends.

There are legions of people who are miserable at work, in no small part due to excess work at the expense of lifestyle happiness. These are people, many of whom are my friends and former colleagues, that consistently put off things that will make them happy, for the sake of their career.

They don’t lack in work ethic. They lack vision. They don’t have a life strategy that can help them get unstuck and improve the quality of their life, and if they do have some idea of what they really want in life, they don’t have the courage to pursue it.

For these people, working harder will just get them stuck and keep them there. They will be better off learning to set boundaries and improve their efficiency than burning the midnight oil for another year (or ten).

Lots of people, especially those who learned to do well in school and are academically inclined, have no trouble working hard. It is the self-awareness to know that there is more to life than work that is the key thing to cultivate.

When you decide what priorities you want in life, including but not limited to your career, big things are possible and you will be in a position to make decisions with no regrets. Amazingly, I’ve witnessed people radically improve their work performance by working less and tossing aside the misguided idea that working harder is the only way to get ahead.

Putting hard work on a pedestal is a mistake. Don’t go down that road. Instead, strive to be proud of what you do – be it a 30-minute burst of creative or an all-day strategy session with your team. Value the focus you can bring to whatever you do, not just the time and effort you put in.

Change your measurement of effort to reflect the quality and results of your activity, not just the time you put in. Ask yourself, “Am I proud of what I accomplished?” not “Did I put in 10 hours of work today?”.

Productive work and smart work are great and necessary. Hard work is not.

Let’s toss aside this idea of hard work like an old computer that’s done its job but is no longer good enough run the apps and create the experiences we really need.

It’s time for an upgrade. Don’t delay and make it happen. Your life is waiting.

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