Wake Up At 5AM – Be an Early Riser

December 12, 2014

by Ravi Raman

Robin Sharma is a best-selling author author and personal development coach to businesses and highly successful individuals.

I’ve read his books, like “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and he has a way of communicating profound ideas in an easy to grasp way.

He doesn’t preach like he is better than you. He just says things the way they are.

He is also a fantastic storyteller.

In this video, he teaches us how to wake up early. 

Sharma himself gets up at 5AM every day.

“I don’t need to wake up that early” you might be saying to yourself! True, but could you use an extra hour (or two) in your day? Do you wake up late and still feel tired? Do you do your best work when it is peace and quiet, and want to get some reading, writing or work done while the rest of the universe is asleep?

Check out Robin Sharma’s video, give his tips a try, and let me know it goes.

As for me….I’m more of a 7am wake-up guy right now, but I’m going to make a valiant attempt at changing that!

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