Being Healthy Is Underrated

March 7, 2016

by Ravi Raman

Nothing matters as much in this life as health.

Without health and vitality, we can’t focus, get things done or help others. Creating becomes laborious and motivation wanes. Nothing is possible without health.

Not having health doesn’t have to mean you have an illness. It might just mean feeling blah. This morning, for no apparent reason, I had a case of the blahs.

I felt low energy. My mind was scattered and very pessimistic about everything. Maybe it was because I have been working too hard on my business. Maybe it was due to my poor diet of late. There is no singular reason for why I felt the way I did. The result, however, was unpleasant, to say the least.

Health to me isn’t about six-pack abs or breaking a PR in sport. It is about having the energy and capacity to focus on and do the things I want to do, with a pleasant outlook.

While I don’t have a magic recipe for achieving my best in health every day, I do have a few general practices that help me feel better when I’m having a down day.

Deep breathing
Drinking water
Aerobic exercise
Eating fruits

These practices remedy any low-energy issue I might be facing. Sometimes I do one of them, other times I do them all.

Today, I drank a bunch of water, and then went out for a slow jog (about 5 miles) after my first meeting, followed by eating half and orange and some banana.

My slow jog not only did its physiological magic, but it also provided some excellent time away from my screens to think and process some pent-up mental energy.

After all of the above, miraculously, I felt better.

Focus and untroubled attention replaced the pessimism and lack of motivation I was feeling.

My next two meetings went great, and I wrapped up some things I had been putting off for far too long during the rest of the day.

Everyone will have different routines for getting back to good health when things seem to go off the rails, but these simple practices work for me and might work for you as well.

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